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[31 May 2011|08:13pm]
So last night I had trouble sleeping, but finally fell asleep around 3:30am. I slept in and got to work around 12:30pm. At this point in my research project, I could theoretically get all my work done in the lab in about 4 or 5 hours a day (with proper planning!) and do the rest from home. I like being there because I feel like I'd become a hermit if I did that though.

Anyway, I got in and one of my coworkers looked like shit. She told me that she couldn't fall asleep until about 4am. But at 6:30 she still had to get up and deal with her kids and her family and all that comes with that. And then she was in the lab by 9:45.

We went for coffee and discussed how terrible her home life has been lately. Granted, it's not BAD, but people vent to coworkers. It happens, we deal with it. She told me that she spent her last paycheck on her son's school stuff (tuition, uniforms, blah blah blah) and I bought a computer with my last paycheck just because I wanted a new one.

We both left around 6:30pm and she is probably right now cooking dinner and doing homework with her son and then cleaning up after everyone for it all to start all over again at 6:30 am tomorrow. Meanwhile, I come home to my own apartment and put on some music, heat up some left overs, surf the web, and get to watch TV all night.

Sure, it'd be nice to have someone who'd make dinner if I couldn't. Someone who'd clean up the apartment every once in a while so I didn't have to. Someone to... talk to? But I think that having my own space and my own time to do with it as I please trumps all that stuff above.

I'm having an I-love-being-single day. And honesty, I am so happy with it that I can't imagine it being any other way ever. Screw the American Dream. I'm living my dream.

Peace out, bitches.
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Lazy Sunday [08 Nov 2009|06:55pm]
Um, Day 8? I think.

Today was a glorious day. I slept in, saw my mother and nephew off (they stayed over last night), watched gameshow network, grocery shopped (spent too much, but I have food now), and spent four hours in a YouTube hole.

And it's only 7pm, and I feel ready for bed. Bring on the new week!

On the other hand, I have yet to study for my exam this Tuesday. Stay away, new week!

I'll study tomorrow. Unless I get trapped in a video game.

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[07 Nov 2009|11:49pm]
Ahh! Day 7. Almost out of time.

Today was crazy. Well, today is almost tomorrow which is still yesterday.

I slept a grand total of zero last night as I was playing Dragon Age until 9am. Oy!

Then off to visit family for the day. Good company and good food.

Then home abd more dragon age. Now it's nearly midnight and I almost fail! Whee. Back to the age of dragons.
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It's the freekin' weeken' and we gonna have us some fun! [06 Nov 2009|07:29pm]
Day 6.

Hooray it's friday!! I'm really excited that it's the weekends and I get to not go to school for two days. I have an exam on Tuesday for which I should be studying. And by studying, I mean CRAMMING ALL SORTS OF SHIT IN MY BRAAAIN!

Yeah... in other news, I bought so much from Best Buy in the past year that I had a $50 gift certificate waiting to be used. I cashed it in just now for the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins. But, because I have no printer and don't want to wait for shipping, I'm waiting for an email to tell me I can go pick it up. Excited!

I forsee myself playing video games rather than studying.

I forsee failing the exam. I forsee dropping out of the program and becoming a fry-cook. Not that there's anything wrong with being a fry-cook.

Yeaaah... Back to waiting. Squee!
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Remember, remember. [05 Nov 2009|11:35pm]
Day 5
Holy crap, it's almost midnight!

I speant the day on campus today. Learning. It was actually a good day. Classes went well and I actually felt like I was finally fitting into the chemistry community. Phew.

Then I came home, put on V for Vendetta and Supernatural. I'm really far behind on most of my TV shows. Its crazy because both of my TiVo boxes are almost totally full and I won't have time to get stuff watched before things get deleted. ARGH.

Remember remember the fifth of November
The gunpowder trason and plot.
I know of no reason
why the gunpowder treason
should ever be forgot.

Happy Guy Fawkes day. Fight the power!
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[07 Oct 2009|11:23pm]
Anyone looking to relocate to Tampa?

I have an extra room in a fair neighborhood.

Anyone? Anyone? Keep me company?


Ok, it was worth a shot.
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[27 Sep 2009|09:03pm]
So, the Amazing Race started again. I want to play this game too! Would one of my lovely Internet buddies want to try out with me? 
We all have a crazy "how we know each other" that hasn't been used before :D any takers?

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[16 Sep 2009|08:13pm]
Yeah, so earlier today I tripped in my living room and spilled my juice everywhere. It looks like someone bled out on my carpet. Not fun.

Oh, but what do I want to bitch about today? How about the idiots that joined the same PhD program I did. Seriously? Like really?

I know chemistry is hard, and I have my problems with it too sometimes. But really? There are about ... 8 of us who are brand new Organic chemistry students, and about 5 of them are as smart as a box of rocks.

Advanced Organic Chemistry: Synthesis is one of my class titles. And in this class two students in particular continuously stop the professor asking BASIC questions. Like, stuff you should have a handle on by the end of a basic sophomore organic chemistry class.

But I guess it's good to be surrounded by idiots because I'll be the top of the class.

...Wow, I really don't mean to sound as conceited as I do, but idiots just infuriate me. Especially if they've got better jobs within the department. Really, we're PhD students. We'll be doctors! Not Steph's kind of doctor, but a doctor nonetheless! Get with the program!
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[18 Aug 2009|09:20pm]
Ok. So, yesterday on Twitter I proclaimed that I scored the highest out of all the incoming graduate students on the Organic Chemistry entrance exam. Yay me, right? Right. But... I spoke too soon. I didn't know that the incoming International Students hadn't taken the exams yet.

Today they got their results and my Professor informed me that I still had the high score on that section. Yay. I didn't do that good on all of them though. I passed them, but only by the skin of my teeth for PChem. But I was by no means the lowest score, so I've been told.

Getting very good scores is an amazing feeling. It's a lot like finally getting validation after such a long time in school. But it's also a bad thing. Now everyone expects a lot more from me than some of the other students. But in a sense, I've already accomplished more than most because I've already chosen my lab group and my research project and gotten a years worth of research done. And I'll be published twice by the end of my first year.

But... my inbox is flooded with professors who want to meet with me to discuss "research opportunities." These all happen tomorrow morning. I might be ill. I'm all nerves right now. I'm really afraid that someone will present me an opportunity I'll have to turn down that I will regret. Because I've already made my decision, and I love my work. But what if there's something out there I'll like more?

But then... it's only grad school. If there is something I like better I can focus on that in my post-graduate career. Right?

Oy. Why is this such a difficult time? I wish this was just like undergrad!

But appropriate to nothing... I met this BEAUTIFUL Chinese boy who is in my class. He introduced himself, but I did not understand one iota of what he said his name was. Damn! No cyber-stalking. He did say "You can call me Samuel." Oh, SWOON.

One of the girls in my lab group is from the same city as he is, and he's been spending quite a bit of time in our lab the past week. So maybe he'll be focusing on Organic Chemistry also. Sweet.

I forsee some hot collabs in our future. Whether he knows it or not
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[11 Aug 2009|12:11am]
This is going to be one hell of a week. Oh boy.

Tomorrow I start my orientations. Yes, plural. Puncutated by entrance examinations.

By this time next week (barring any unforseen failures of said examinations) I will officially be a PhD candidate in Organic Chemistry.

I have two Wednesday morning (Analytical Chemistry and Physical Chemistry) and two Friday morning (Inorganic and Organic).

I'm really only nervous about PChem. It was the class I had the least grasp on, but on the other hand, Analytical was the class I took the longest ago. So, it's a toss-up.

Theoretically I should be studying right now if I'm not sleeping. That is what I told my advisors to get out of the lab this week. But am I? Nope. I'm watching movies and listening to music. But I've been studying all weekend, so I can tell you all about Ideal solution kinetics and solubility constraints and the common ion effect thereof. So, Booyah!

So yeah... I think I'm going to try to get some sleep so I can wake up in the morning, chug a few cups of coffee and get a little bit of lab time in before diving into this crazy week. I think we're about to have a breakthrough on the project I'm helping on (I won't get my own project until next summer, when I finish my coursework). So, I really want to have my name on that paper thus I need to put some more time into it.


Peace Out.
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[29 Jul 2009|02:57pm]
Yeah, so I'm watching Torchwood from the beginning. And it's really good. I mean, srsly? John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd? Uber-hotties. And the accents... Oh the accents are giving me goosebumps. I might move to Wales just to be close to those accents. 

One thing got me thinking though. There is this one episode where Tosh is given an alien amulet that allows her to hear thoughts. Now, it reminded me alot of Earshot in that everyone's thoughts made total sense to the psychic. 

I don't know about you, but when I'm just going about thinking as I normally do, my thoughts are a wandering incoherent mess. I have to actually be actively thinking about something specific for my thoughts to even be complete sentences let alone be coherant sentences. 

I just don't understand psychics. 

Oh and! Last night I watched Reset. And one thing really and I mean REALLY bugged the shit out of me. The killer was injecting the victims with Ammonium Hydroxide. Ouch. Not what bugged me. It was the fact that they said "that's like injecting someone with bleach!"

... No it isn't. Yeah, they're both sterilizers. But they are wildly chemically diffrent. If they liked the line, why not tell us the victims have been injected with sodium hypochlorite. Or anything hypochlorite. It sounds a whole lot more scientific too. 

Ok. That is all of my thoughts on Torchwood at the moment. 
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merr! [02 Jul 2009|12:52am]

I moved out of my parents house for the third time. Woot. I am trying once again to be an adult. Last time I moved out, my dad had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery. He's fine now and all that jazz.

This time, my mom got really sick with some intestinal issue and it got really bad. But it looks like everything is looking like she'll make a full recovery (but it'll be a long road).

Man, sometimes I think a higher power WANTS me to remain at home. But that commute was killing me. I was driving over an hour each way to campus six times a week. My car will not handle that much longer.

It's wonderful being so close to work. The amount of space I have for all my crap like tripled. But it's still not enough room! Grar! I have too much junk. I mean, look at my bookshelf!! It's about to EXPLODE!!!11 God I hope I still know a tiny bit of html.

Yeah... in other news I bought an awesome internet connection and have fallen in love with the internet again. I'm thinking about starting a vlog... but then that might be a really bad idea.

Oh! And I never said anything about this here, but I graduated last month. I have a BS in Chemistry. And I am now in the PhD program here in Tampa. I'm teaching the little freshmen how to do chemistry. Its really crazy how fast that happened.

Ok. I think that's all for now. Bye.
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[27 Apr 2009|04:30am]
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[25 Apr 2009|04:30am]

  • 01:27 drinkining with my friends. Drunk by myself. It is sad how friday nights end lately. but oh so much fun while happening. woot. :)all140used. #

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[24 Apr 2009|04:30am]

  • 22:57 Let the record show that I am loving this season of Survivor. I want to go on the show! :) #

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[23 Apr 2009|04:30am]
  • 15:55 Slow slow Barista! Needing my fixx now plz #
  • 18:27 I'm going as a glamdragqueen on halloween. Lady Doublewide. Its gonna be awesome. #
  • 21:49 was the idol group performance totally not live? when did they start that? #
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[22 Apr 2009|04:30am]
  • 06:54 @betternovembers haha. I judge not. Hell, I have been known to watch QAF and that was dramalicious! :) #
  • 09:45 Arghh! Just totally bombed an exam. Looks like I'll be cramming for the final. DEATH! #
  • 21:38 And i don't even watch idol anymore. :) #
  • 21:51 @betternovembers believe me, I am voting my little thumbs off for 2, 4 and 5. (Just because Adam is dang pretty). I might have to watch now. #
  • 22:01 @betternovembers then i will help. quicky mcquick thumbs to the rescue! #
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[20 Apr 2009|04:30am]

  • 00:37 I just accidentally watched an entire episode of The L Word. Damn. Lesbians have crazy drama. #

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[19 Apr 2009|04:30am]

  • 10:33 Saturday morning chemistry symposiums should be outlawed. Punishable by death. #

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[18 Apr 2009|04:30am]
  • 20:38 I'm giving my senior research presentation at 830am. But spending my night at the bar. Yay me. #
  • 23:57 night totally ruined. a friend totally puked all over the table. DEATH! #
  • 01:23 @alydenisof Aww, she will always win. But you should tweet after the teat :) #
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