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looking for my heart's desire

it isnt in my backyard

24 September 1982
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Here's where I give you a mini-biography. Wow. How to describe myself...

I can't and I won't.

I'm a student at heart. I'm just beginning my graduate work in Chemistry. Actually, organometallic catalysis. Any idea what that actually is? Yeah, I really don't either but the work the lab is doing is a lot of fun and really exciting when we get good results. I don't, but hey... I'm a baby chemist. I'm still learning.

I currently work in a grocery store (but only until May). In a high stress, low paying position. Hooray for customer service pee-ons. I don't see myself lasting much longer in retail. I'm actually pretty arrogant because really, I'm better than most people. But I feel bad about it and it hinders me in most social situations.

I enjoy reading my textbooks for fun. I believe that Myspace is an emissary of Satan. I feel that I will one day change the world, for better or for worse that much is still unknown.

Anything else? Ask, I'll be happy to answer.